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Mission Statement

The Don Weitz Legacy Project was founded to commemorate the late, great activist Don Weitz

(see We lost Don on September 1, 2021, but we will always

honour him by continuing his lifelong struggle against psychiatric dominance and every other

kind of social injustice. As a founding member of the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault, Don

was firm in his belief that psychiatry cannot be reformed but must be abolished. We agree!

Although Canada signed and ratified the United Convention on the Rights of Persons with

Disabilities (CRPD) more than a decade ago (see, it has utterly failed to implement any of the CRPD’s requirements, which include the abolition of forced psychiatric interventions.

Many Canadians have no idea that forced hospitalization, drugging, and electroshock, as well as

physical restraints (shackles) and solitary confinement (“seclusion”) are routinely used on people

labeled “mentally ill” and “noncompliant.” These practices cause harm to an ever-increasing

number of people.

We challenge the notion of “mental illness” and note that psychiatry has never been able to

prove that any supposed mental disease or disorder has any basis in biology, despite many

decades attempting to do so.

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