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Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault

Pamphlet – The Truth About Electroshock - Don Weitz, Loretta Wilson John Breeding, Dorothy Dundas and Evelyn Scogin)

Reimagining Crisis Support - Tina Minkowitz

Reimagining Crisis Support-Tina Minkowitz.pdf

Organizing Guide for Psychiatric Survivors - Mind Freedom

Harm Reduction Guide to Coming off Psychiatric Drugs (with links to translations) - Mind Freedom/Icarus Project and Freedom Center

Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs - Icarus Project and Freedom Center


Pamphlet - Myths About Mental and Emotional Problems - Mind Freedom

plain text:

Basic information about Forced Drugging Defense Package - Mind Freedom


Psychiatric Advanced Directives - Mind Freedom


Psychiatric Advanced Directives Template - Bazelon Center


Pamphlet – Noone Should Be Given Shock Treatment – Peter Breggin


Shield Alerts & Updates

Electroshock Articles - Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault

The Psychiatrization of Indigenous People as a Continuation of Genocide

Our Voice-Notre Voix

Your Consent is not Required: The Rise in Psychiatric Detentions, Forced Treatment and Abusive Guardianships - Rob Wipond

Youtube: Voice for Choices (1 of 13)



National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Gerstein Centre


Sound Times


The Biz ‘O’ Madness


Inner Compass Initiative


International Coalition for Drug Awareness


PsychRights: Law Project for Psychiatric Rights


European Network for (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

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