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Detailed Plans

DWLP will

  • invite individuals and organizations who agree with our principles, to help build national capacity and grow a national organization

  • host blogs, vlogs, podcasts, youtube videos, etc.

  • include links to various archives, sympathetic groups, etc.

  • promote Our Voice/Notre Voix (see and other sister publications and organizations

  • have a presence, and provide informational and educational materials, at Mad Pride and other community events

  • produce downloadable and printable leaflets, based on existing materials, on such topics as:

  1. “We still do that?” The truth about electroshock, force, coercion, etc.

  2. The myth of “mental illness”

  3. Creating a crisis action plan; who do you trust to help you?

  4. How to safely withdraw from psychiatric drugs

  5. Informed consent

  6. Psychiatric drug effects (including increased risk of sunstroke, etc.)

  7. Strategies for getting out/staying out of the psych ward

  8. networking, advocacy, community resources, etc.

Over the longer term, DWLP hopes to:

  • help seed in-person activist groups for psychiatric survivors in Canada

  • host in-person conferences and other gatherings

  • recognize outstanding activists with an annual award

  • work in partnership with educational institutions at all levels, talking with and encouraging the involvement of, students and educators

  • create and maintain activism oriented and support groups, online and in person, for survivors of forced treatment

  • provide training in activism

The magazine Phoenix Rising: The Voice of the Psychiatrized will:

  • address legal, medical, scientific, etc. issues of interest to psychiatric survivors

  • provide a venue for articles, essays, artwork, poetry, fiction, etc. created by psychiatric survivors (and sometimes allies)

  • accept submissions from all, but prioritize survivors who are Indigenous, people of colour, refugees or immigrants, or members of other oppressed groups


If you agree with our principles, we hope you will join us!

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